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Netflix Addiction #3


Netflix Addiction is a monthly recommendation of what to watch from yours truly. I am a binge-watcher so I feel like I am qualified for the job!

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This month’s Netflix Addiction recommendation is…


I’ll start off this post by saying that Season 2 of this series has yet to be released but it is confirmed. We have no release date as of yet but we hope to see it in 2017 at some point.

This series follows the case of Steven Avery, a man convicted of the murder of the photographer, Theresa Halbach. It not only shows you details of the case but also claims that Steven Avery is innocent of this crime. I’ll let you make your own decision after you watch this programme but personally, I think he is innocent.

It may sound boring but this series will grip you and have you clinging on to find out more details, evidence and information regarding this incredibly popular case.

EVERYONE turns into a detective whilst watching this show, see what you think really happened to Theresa Halbach. Will Steven’s history sway your thoughts?


Will you check out Making A Murderer? Leave anything you want to share in the comments below 🙂


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