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Netflix Addiction #1


Today, I am introducing a new thing to you! I have decided that since I’m a bit of a TV series freak, I’m gonna do a recommendation feature called Netflix Addiction!

Every month or twice a month (if you’re lucky), I’ll be recommending the best of the best TV shows around, old and new. The only criteria will be that it will be available on Netflix, not necessarily made by Netflix.

*Affiliate links are included in this post, so if you buy any books through the links on this page, I will earn a little from your click with no cost to you. Thank you!*

So let’s kick this month off with…


With 8 seasons and a total of a whopping 96 episodes, Dexter reigned my life for 2 whole months. I watched it when all of the episodes had been released so luckily for me I could binge-watch to my heart’s content.

It is based on the Darkly Dreaming Dexter book series by Jeff Lindsay, which is 8 books long so I assume there is a season for each book. Although I haven’t read the series, this TV show really made me want to pick them up in the future.

So basically this series is about a blood spatter analyst named Dexter who works for the Miami Metro Police Department (which is fictional btw). However, Dexter has a secret…he’s a serial killer. Not just any serial killer either, he targets murderers so that he feels as if he is making the world a better place. If that isn’t enough to convince you to watch this programme then I don’t know what will be!

This series will keep you gripped and wanting to learn more about these characters and who will be Dexter’s next victim.

Will you check out Dexter? What do you think of this feature? Leave anything you want to share in the comments below 🙂



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