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Netflix Addiction #2


If you aren’t sure what Netflix Addiction is, here is a link to last month’s post.

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So February’s Netflix Addiction recommendation is…


This is a series that I binge-watched to my heart’s content. I watched at least 5 episodes a night. With 5 seasons and 62 episodes to watch, it just got more and more addictive as time went on.

We meet Walter White at a rough time in his life. He has just been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and can’t help but think about his family and leaving them behind. He knows that he needs money and he needs it quickly in order to provide for his pregnant wife, Skyler and disabled son Junior. He turns to a life of crime, but not just any crime…

Walter White is a Chemistry teacher, a job that doesn’t pay an awful lot but provides Walter with the knowledge in order to make Crystal Meth. He just needs someone to sell it. Enter ex-student Jesse Pinkman, YEAH BITCH!

This series is definitely worth investing your time into. There are some slow episodes but stick with it because the shocks in it are amazing. You’re rooting for Walter White but at the same time you’re questioning him and seriously doubting his ethics!

With some major villains in the criminal World after him, will they catch up with Walter? Find out ASAP.

Will you check out Breaking Bad? What do you think of this feature? Leave anything you want to share in the comments below 🙂



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