TT – 2016


05.01.16 – What are your favourite books/series of 2015?

12.01.16 – What are your bookish resolutions of 2016?

19.01.16 – What challenges do you hope to participate in?

26.01.16 – Name some new releases you are looking forward to…


02.02.16 – What do you think of required reading in school?

09.02.16 – What are your favourite love stories and/or couples?


01.03.16 – What movie adaptations did you enjoy more than the book?

08.03.16 – Have you ever met your favourite author? If so, did it change the way you felt about their books?

22.03.16 – If you do not enjoy the first book in a series, do you carry on or not?

29.03.16 – Do you shop for specific books or are you a browser?


05.04.16 – Do you read/watch reviews before or after reading a book?

12.04.16 – Do you read novellas that are included in a series?

19.04.16 – How do you feel about progressive mindsets in historical fiction?


17.05.16 – What do you think about really long series?

24.05.16 – What is the longest series you have read?

31.05.16 – Dear non-reader, this is what you’re missing?


07.06.16 – What are some of your favourite quotes from books?

14.06.16 – If books were allowed scents to signify contents, what would your favourite author’s books smell like?

21.06.16 – Do you read a specific amount of pages before giving up on a book you aren’t enjoying?


05.07.16 – Have you ever returned to a book you DNF?

19.07.2016 – Do you keep both a hardback and paperback copy of the same titles?

26.07.2016 – Do you unhaul books? How often?26.07.2016 – Do you unhaul books? How often?


02.08.2016 – What are some things you do not like about YA and Adult books?

09.08.2016 – What are some taboo subjects you like to read about?

30.08.2016 – What would be your favourite fictional world to live in?


20.09.2016 – Have you ever read and enjoyed a book out of your normal genre?

27.09.2016 – Are there any popular authors/books that you couldn’t get into?


4.10.2016 – Books or series that you would like to see have a sequel

18.10.2016 – Most infuriating characters that you have read

25.10.2016 – Favourite books to read for Halloween


15.11.2016 – Authors you would like to see co-write a book together

29.11.2016 – Most interesting book titles you’ve seen


20.12.2016 – Which of your favourite books would you gift to someone?

27.12.2016 – What are the last books you are reading for the year?