TT – 2015


21.04.15 – DOUBLE WHAMMY – What is the most difficult, yet rewarding book you have read? / What is your favourite Genre and why?

28.04.15 – What do you look for in a book cover design?


05.05.15 – How do you deal with hard to pronounce names of people and places?

12.05.15 – Do you like series books to match?

19.05.15 – What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

26.05.15 – What is the biggest influence for your passion of reading?


02.06.15 – What are your favourite characteristics of a female heroine/protagonist?

09.06.15 – Who do you root for most, the underdog or the hero?

16.06.15 – What do you think of book buying bans?

23.06.15 – Statute of limitations on books? What are spoilers and what aren’t?

30.06.15 – What are pro’s and con’s of ARC copies?


07.07.15 – Do you request ARC copies? Why?

14.07.15 – Which do you prefer? Stand-alones, series’ or trilogies?

21.07.15 – Do you sometimes imitate or mimic character’s when reading?

28.07.15 – What do you think of the tall mass market paperbacks? Are they easier to read or handle?


25.08.15 – ALL AUGUST POSTS! 


01.09.15 – What do you think of buddy reads?

08.09.15 – How do you feel about pseudonyms?

15.09.15 – Talk about your reading experiences…

22.09.15 – Has a book or series influenced your hobbies/interests?

29.09.15 – What are some of your favourite reading spots?


06.10.15 – If you wrote a book that was turned into a movie, who would your actors and producer be?

13.10.15 – Do you read specifically for seasons/holidays?

20.10.15 – As a reader, what are your do’s and don’ts for publishers?

27.10.15 – What are your thoughts on the synopsis of books?


03.11.15 – How much backstory do you prefer?

10.11.15 – How has the book community influenced your reading?

17.11.15 – Does book hype effect your reading?

24.11.15 – Does the size of a book help you decide what to read?


01.12.15 – Share some of your unusual or underrated books?

08.12.15 – What is your opinion of ghost writers?

15.12.15 – What do you do with unwanted books?

22.12 15 – What are some of your favourite christmas stories/books?