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Challenges Update – November 2018

I am very determined to hit my Goodreads goal and do well on all my challenges this year! Yes, determination is key…please believe me. Goodreads Challenge – 46/60 I don’t think this is too shabby, once I am a little less stressed with house stuff, work and Christmas present buying, I will totally be on… Continue reading Challenges Update – November 2018

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Challenges Update: September 2018

Challenge updates time…oh no. I am a machine, I can do these reading challenges! Goodreads Challenge – 38/60 My Goodreads Challenge this year is to read 60 books, which has been my previous challenge for 2 years but this is MY YEAR. READ READ READ. So I worked out that I need to read 22… Continue reading Challenges Update: September 2018

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Challenges Update: June 2018

Yes, it is that time again. To check up on my challenges, to see how I am doing. I regret nothing… Goodreads Challenge – 21/60 My Goodreads Challenge this year is to read 60 books, I have been working towards this for 2 years now. I WILL DO IT! Yes, I have only read 21… Continue reading Challenges Update: June 2018

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Challenges Update: April 2018!

Why is it April already?! When did time speed up?! Every year, I do a few challenge updates throughout the year to see if I’m on track to achieving the goals I set out in January. Every year, without fail, I am behind! I am always chasing my tail in December and it turns into a… Continue reading Challenges Update: April 2018!

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December Challenges Update!

This is my last Challenges Update of the year and I am bricking it that I am not gonna make it to the end. Fingers crossed, everyone loves an optimist eh? Goodreads Challenge I have read 48 books so far this year, which is good for me but my challenge is 60 and I’m not… Continue reading December Challenges Update!

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Challenges Update!

Goodreads Challenge So far I’ve read 46 out of 60 books towards my Goodreads challenge but I have to confess, there are a good few graphic novels in there! I’m currently 3 books behind schedule but I’m hoping to regain that in November and read like a trooper in order to reach my 60 books… Continue reading Challenges Update!

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Mid-Year Challenges Update!

Since it is June, the 6th month out of 12, I decided to do a mid-year challenges update. You might have read my Bookish Resolutions and 2017 goals posts in January, where I set out my challenges for the year. Here is how I’m doing do far… Goodreads Challenge I set my Goodreads goal at 60 books this year to… Continue reading Mid-Year Challenges Update!