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Check in: New Year Goals and Resolutions!

Hi kids, this post is to give you all an update of where I’m up to with my new year goals and resolutions. You can see the original post here but let’s see how this goes…

*nervous laughter*

Here is a reminder of my goals and resolutions and below is how it’s going. I am very pleasantly surprised considering my track record is AWFUL.


  • Goodreads goal 37/70 – 6 books ahead of schedule if I do say so myself!
  • Post 2 reviews a month – Let’s not mention this shalllllll we…
  • Finish the Throne of Glass series – I have read this series up to Empire of Storms (book 5), but I’ll be honest, I need to re-read if I’m gonna finish it because I have forgotten a lot of details. Maybe a Series Crackdown later this year…Muhuhahahaha!
  • Visit 2 new countries – I visited Poland in early February and I’m so glad we managed to go because I doubt there will be anymore travelling from me this year.
  • Read 12 Classics from my ‘Booket List’ 7/12 – YES MELANIE. Although, I have come to the conclusion that I hate them…
  • Complete Super Mario Odyssey and Luigi’s Mansion on the Nintendo Switch – I KNOW I AM A CHILD. *whispers* I still haven’t done this either!
  • Complete Creative Writing Course – Ahem, this has not happened yet. That is all.


  • Make a dent in my unread books TBR14 – I am making my way slowly but surely through this HUGE pile so I’ll take 14 as a win.
  • Only allowed to buy new releases from my fave authors – YES YES YES, I knew I definitely stuck to one at least!
  • No more than 12 new books in the entire year – So far so good with this one but I am not congratulating myself. I am like a puppy, a bit of praise and I’ll think I deserve a treat…
  • Go on more bike rides – I’ve done two so far this year so not great. The trail that is a minute from my house has been so crowded even during lockdown, people are buffoons honest.
  • Choose healthier food options – HA! Did I really write that? Really?!
Actual footage of me during lockdown. Except Happy Hour was more like 4 – 12…
  • Plan blog ahead (last Sunday of each month) – Yeah…okay.
  • Read more MG11 -YES, THIS ONE. I am now pretty in love with MG!
  • Continue the British Books Challenge16 – Normally, I only manage 12 which is on a month but this year I am on a rolllllllll!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this progress so far and I hope I stay on track with it. We shall see, thanks so much for reading and supporting my blog. I know I haven’t been posting regularly lately but I kind of feel like I needed to take this step back in order to refresh and come back thriving. Anyway, I also bucked up the courage to set up a Ko-fi so if you like what you see, let’s have a coffee!

Buy Me a Coffee at

Bonus Question: What is the connection between the GIFs in this post?

Bonus Bonus Question: Should I make ‘GIF connection’ into a regular thing on my posts?

Mel x

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