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Mental Health Monday #8

24650679_1725264170831276_683268915_oMental Health Monday was set up by my lovely friend Rebecca over at Bexcapades who you need to go follow now pretty please.

The idea came from Rebecca revisiting her depression diary from 2015 and deciding to share her experiences to show that light comes out of dark times.

So now, every first Monday of each month will be a Mental Health Monday where everyone can share their own experiences and a handful will be featured on Rebecca’s post each month.

If you want your post featured in Rebecca’s post, then make sure you share it with her on Twitter and mention her in the post, linking back to her blog.

I wasn’t really sure where to start this post because I feel like I’m repeating myself each month! However, I thought that negativity has been a big part of my mental health journey. So that is my focus this month, talking about how I struggle to be positive.

You have probably heard of the glass half full theory for positivity and negativity but I think that is BULL. I am a negative person, I won’t lie. I would never actively choose to have a ‘glass half full’ perspective, but unfortunately, I like to think I’m realistic instead.

I know for a fact that my realistic perspective grates on people because sometimes I am to straight and abrupt with my opinions which can rub people up the wrong way. That makes me think I must be a negative person, a mood hoover if you like.

I find it hard to find the light out of a situation and I constantly second guess myself and put myself down. I’m so unsure and have barely any confidence in myself. It’s definitely something I need to work on and maybe get help from others to boost myself and stop thinking so negatively. Stop thinking ‘I can’t’ and ‘you can’t do anything’. I WORK WITH KIDS. I often say to them ‘there’s no such thing as ‘can’t’ and yet cannot follow my own advice and have a bit of confidence. I get in my own way and have pure internal battles with myself that are never-ending. HELP. Does anyone else have this self-deprecating attitude?!


Again a very special thank you to my friend Rebecca for setting up this meme and giving people the courage to speak up about mental health. Feel free to comment if you share any similar anxieties, this meme is all about talking and promoting awareness of mental health.

Agony Aunt Mel


3 thoughts on “Mental Health Monday #8

  1. Mood Hoover! Love that description. Great post. A friend recommended once to me that whenever your feeling ‘glass half full’ you should write 3 things you like about yourself or your life. On the really bad days read them all through and add some more. It sounds small and silly but it helps me, maybe it could help you?


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