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Reading Vs. Watching?

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Recently, I’ve been to watch a lot of films in the cinema and all of the films seem to originate from a book. Therefore, I thought I’d start a discussion on reading a book vs. watching the adaptation and whether they make the grade.

I did a film review of Ready Player One which you can look at here, but this is normally something I don’t do. I did it because I have a lot of thoughts on the film versus the book and the changes made from paper to the big screen.

Are you a fan of creative changes or do you prefer the film to be as loyal to the book as possible?

Another weird thing I have to do is read the book before I watch the film because otherwise, I feel spoiled for the book. I have done this for nearly every film I’ve seen, unless I didn’t know it was a book before the film was released.

Do you feel the need to read before you watch the film adaptation?

I’ve just used my Goodreads to count up how many books I’ve read that are films and oh my goodness there are so many. I counted at least 25 books that have been made into films, it doesn’t sound a lot but it makes me think how many new releases have I read that will be made into a film! Also, if it was a series of books, I counted it as one but really if I counted each Harry Potter film separately, as well as the Hunger Games it would be a huge number!

How many books that have been made into a film have you read?

If I roughly guessed at how many film adaptations I’ve enjoyed out of all of the ones I’ve seen, I would say it’s about 88% enjoyment. I’m so specific because 80% seemed too low and 90% seemed a bit high but not majorly high. I understood me anyway.

What percent of book to film adaptations do you enjoy?

Thank you for reading this post and leave any answers to my questions below, feel free to discuss this on your own blog and link me in so I can have a nosy. I hope you enjoyed this discussion post!

Agony Aunt Mel


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