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FILM REVIEW: Ready Player One!

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I decided to do something a little different today since I’ve been a major cinema geek this week. I thought I’d do a film review of Ready Player One as it was originally a book, which I only read last week before I went to see the film…

As it turns out, there was no need for me to worry about reading the book before seeing the film, as the premise is the same but they take two different paths to get to the ending. Hollywood definitely used its creative license on this adaptation, but it totally worked!

First of all, the film created the exact setting of what I had envisioned whilst reading. They brought in their own niche with things like the race and King Kong, The Shining and The Iron Giant. I really loved the fact that the film stuck to the correct ending too, I think Spielberg knew he would have a lot of angry gamers on his tail if he changed the ending at all.

The sheer amount of references in this film is enough to make your head burst and the book is the same! Most of the references were straight over my head and I missed an awful lot of them until I watched a YouTube video pointing as many out as possible. We see, Hello Kitty, Halo, King Kong, The Iron Giant, Batman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, The DeLorean with Knight Rider lights and so so many more. I really wish they had kept some Monty Python in there somewhere though!

The only reason that I didn’t give this film the full five stars was because of typical Hollywood. Basically, the small details in the book that they decided to leave out, really annoyed me.

For example, in the book, Wade starts out as an overweight teenage boy who spends his life in the OASIS. Wade gets himself fit and active and becomes obsessed with exercise and therefore his body changes. HOLLYWOOD decided that we weren’t allowed an overweight MC and therefore Wade is slim throughout the entire film. It really annoyed me!

Also, Samantha has a port wine stain on her face in the book and yes Hollywood decided to keep this in the films, but it was barely noticeable. Like, you would hardly even notice and I’m no medical expert but I was disappointed that they toned down this detail so much that the mark was not much darker than her own skin tone. It just reinforces the ideology that Hollywood and the media have of the ‘perfect’ looks and body shape. YUK.

Okay rant over, despite those little details, I still thought this film deserved a 4-star rating because of the amazing special effects, the references and it was a gamer geek homage.

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