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Mental Health Monday #5

24650679_1725264170831276_683268915_oMental Health Monday was set up by my lovely friend Rebecca over at Bexcapades who you need to go follow now pretty please.

The idea came from Rebecca revisiting her depression diary from 2015 and deciding to share her experiences to show that light comes out of dark times.

So now, every first Monday of each month will be a Mental Health Monday where everyone can share their own experiences and a handful will be featured on Rebecca’s post each month.

If you want your post featured in Rebecca’s post, then make sure you share it with her on Twitter and mention her in the post, linking back to her blog.

I know this is totally inappropriate for this type of post but I found the perfect GIF to display what my anxiety is like…

oh my god omg GIF-downsized_large.gif

Rachel is literally doing what I do when I get anxious and/or stressed. I feel like my head is spinning and there is just too much going on inside my brain and I can’t make it stop.

Recently, I have been under a lot of stress and pressure to get things done on time and I know in the end it benefits me but wow, stress. I honestly have felt so worked up and at times where I have been trying to work out logistics and contact people and sort things out, I have been nearly tearing my hair out. There have been a few times where I have sat on the living room floor doing exactly what Rachel is doing and holding my head.

I wish I could say I switch off at night but that literally doesn’t happen. Don’t get me wrong, I sleep well but it’s the actual getting to sleep that is the problem. There is that much going on inside my brain that I literally tell myself to shut up! It takes me forever to actually drop off to sleep though.

Thankfully, the pressure I was under has been relieved now but those few weeks were so intense and although I felt successful, I also felt strained. Stress hits people in different ways. For example, some people bottle it up until they eventually explode, however, I am more like a stewer. Bear with me.

When I’m stressed, I stew over things, the tiniest of things brings on a full night of moaning. Hats off to my Fiance for putting up with me and my ‘what ifs?’ and constant droning on about the same topic literally for a week. When something has affected me in a negative way and caused me to ‘stress out’, I’m stuck like a broken record on that one thing and my brain just stews and stews over it until I end up repeating myself. I find it so hard to get past that one negativity but I know I can do it. There is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to turn the corner.

Again a very special thank you to my friend Rebecca for setting up this meme and giving people the courage to speak up about mental health. Feel free to comment if you share any similar anxieties, this meme is all about talking and promoting awareness of mental health.

Agony Aunt Mel


2 thoughts on “Mental Health Monday #5

  1. Oh man, this resonated with me so much. When my anxiety hits I can’t talk about ANYTHING else. I need to constantly talk to my boyfriend about it. CONSTANTLY. It brings some kind of relief to know that I’m not the only person suffering!

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