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Netflix Addiction: Suits Release Day!


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Oh yes, Season 7 is here!


I only recently finished watching Suits right up to date to the end of Season 6. That was a nail-biter right there so I’m majorly excited to watch season 7 and see what’s in store for the Pearson Spector Litt family.

The Netflix recommendation post I did for this series last month, is right here.

This is a spoiler warning for the last episode of Season 6!

Here is some info about the last episode of season 6, courtesy of wikipedia-

Tara questions her future with Louis knowing that he took his anger out on her. At the clinic Mike gives Nate their cut of the settlement, smoothing over his request for a few days off but renewing mistrust of his intentions. Nate wants to fire Mike for his shady deals, but Oliver defends him. Mike tells Harvey he still doesn’t want to work at Pearson Specter Litt when he becomes a lawyer, but discussion is curtailed when Anita Gibbs takes a seat on the board for Mike’s hearing. Donna brings Louis a patent negotiation that turns into a lawsuit against Donna’s new business. She confides to Harvey that she wants more than money, but doesn’t know what that means yet. Mike enlists Julius, his prison counsellor, to speak as a character witness; Harvey strikes out trying to remove Anita Gibbs, who offers him the endorsement Mike needs in return for Harvey getting disbarred. However, Mike doesn’t trust her, and accepts his fate. Jessica appears at the hearing and reminds Gibbs of another time she showed mercy. Mike is accepted. Tara breaks up with Louis. Mike agrees to work for Harvey again in return for maintaining a relationship with the clinic.

Once you’re over the jargon involved in this programme, you are on it and feel like a lawyer yourself! I am so happy that season 7 is finally out, as soon as I’m home from work, I will be binge watching it!

Will you be watching season 7? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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