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Netflix Addiction #6


You just got Litt up! Okay, it is way too early in this post for ‘in’ jokes but I couldn’t help myself.

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This month’s Netflix Addiction recommendation is…



Suits is addictive. It makes you feel utterly and completely stupid at times with the jargon involved, however, you get used to it in time. You end up knowing your subpoena’s, associates and paralegals easily!

Mike Ross and Harvey Spector are the main characters and have such a cool bromance relationship that makes you laugh so much. The way in which Mike and Harvey meet is funny and unbelievable, you have to watch it!

The whole host of characters in this series, despite being work colleagues end up feeling like family. Donna is my absolute favourite character because she is so sassy and just ‘Donna’.

Season 7 is on its way soon and I highly recommend that you get on it because you will be addicted to the theme tune and the white collar crime that goes on…

*Green Bad Boogie*

Have you seen this Netflix recommendation? What did you think?


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