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Mid-Year Challenges Update!

Confessions of a

Since it is June, the 6th month out of 12, I decided to do a mid-year challenges update. You might have read my Bookish Resolutions and 2017 goals posts in January, where I set out my challenges for the year. Here is how I’m doing do far…

Goodreads Challenge

Screenshot 2017-06-25 at 9.01.58 PM

I set my Goodreads goal at 60 books this year to push myself on from the 52 I managed last year. So far, I am on target to reach this goal but I have to hold my hands up and admit that there are an awful lot of graphic novels counted in this total!

2 reviews a month

I kept this up until I actually caught up with my current read! So now I’m up to date with reviews, YAY!

Journal often

I have fallen in love with journalling and it’s something that I find so relaxing. Seriously, who doesn’t like a crisp white page and some colourful pens?!

Finish the ASOIAF series

Erm…let’s not mention this again.

Finally read TMI and TOG series

I shall do this! I have a plan in the making for the next Series Crackdown so I am committed to achieving this in 2017. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement in July!!!

Read at least 2 books that I already own each month

This has literally gone down the pan because of proof copies and my insane book buying habit that I seriously need to kerb.

Get more fit and active

I have in fact made progress with this but not in the way I first planned. I planned to run twice a month but that kind of failed so I’ve kept fit in other ways including, swimming, walking and even trampolining!

Save up

YAY! My Fiance and I have most definitely done well in this department as we save up for our own place!

Move in with my Fiance

This is in the making as we search for the perfect place!

Give blood as often as possible *BEWARE IF YOUR SQUEAMISH!*


I did well at the start of the year with this but unfortunately, I have something called the ‘holiday bug’ and this means that when I get back from holiday in certain places, you can’t give blood again for a few weeks/months depending on the place.

Drink more water

Do I even have to explain how bad I am at drinking enough water? I literally forget to drink for whole days unless it’s coffee or tea…

That’s it, folks! Let me know how you’re doing with your 2017 challenges and goals. I think I’m on track to achieve the majority of these goals but let’s wait and see!


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