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Netflix Addiction: House of Cards Release Day!


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It’s time to celebrate Season 5 release day of…


WOOP WOOP! Today is THE day. It is here after waiting for so long. What will Frank Underwood do next?

Last month, I did a Netflix recommendation for this series which you can find here.

If you haven’t watched season 4 then do not read on, this is your spoiler warning!

To recap what happened in Season 4 and refresh your memory, here’s a little info nicked from wikipedia –

Immediately after the events of Season 3, Claire leaves D.C. for Dallas, intending to run for Congress in her home district. The incumbent, Doris Jones, is planning to retire and endorse her daughter Celia to replace her. Claire offers them federal funding for a key Planned Parenthood clinic in exchange for stepping down in the upcoming election, but they refuse the offer. Frank desperately seeks to get Claire back by his side as he loses ground in key primary states. He convinces her to return to his side after promising not to sabotage her campaign in Texas, but he later blocks Claire’s congressional bid by publicly endorsing Celia Jones at the State of the Union address weeks later. Frank and Claire travel to South Carolina for the primary, but a series of scandals casts Frank in a bad light and causes him to narrowly lose the state to Heather Dunbar. Frank discovers that Claire had been leaking information to Dunbar’s campaign to fuel the negative press, and she threatens to continue sabotaging his presidential bid unless he puts her on the ticket for vice presidency, which he refuses to do.

Lucas Goodwin is released from prison and seeks revenge against Frank. He approaches Dunbar at a campaign event and explains his story, but she turns him away. Desperate, he attempts to assassinate Frank following a public speech; he shoots the president in the abdomen and also mortally wounds Edward Meechum, but Meechum shoots Goodwin dead before dying. Frank remains comatose for weeks pending a liver transplant, and Blythe is sworn in as acting president. Blythe is indecisive during a critical military situation involving Russia, and turns to Claire for guidance on foreign policy. Claire goes against Frank’s wishes by convincing Blythe to involve China in the ensuing dispute and maneuvering into a meeting with Russian President Petrov, where she brokers an ambitious peace deal single-handedly. While Frank remains incapacitated, Doug Stamper decides to go after Dunbar by leaking information about her secret meeting with Lucas prior to the assassination attempt. Dunbar is questioned about the meeting, and she publicly denounces the proceedings as a smear campaign by the Underwoods, a move that is widely panned and leads to her suspending her presidential bid. Frank undergoes transplant surgery and recovers fully, resuming his position as president, and agrees to put Claire on the ticket for the upcoming election.

Tom Hammerschmidt, Goodwin’s former editor at The Washington Herald, digs deeper into Lucas’s claims of Frank’s misdeeds. He approaches Remy Danton looking for information, and with his help, starts to piece together Frank’s corruption. Tom meets with former President Walker to expose the Underwoods, convincing him to help by appealing to his anger for being forced to resign thanks to Frank’s meddling. Danton and Jackie Sharp also decide to go on the record against Frank to lend credibility to the story.

An American family is kidnapped in Tennessee by two supporters of a radical Islamist group called the Islamic Caliphate Organization (ICO), and the situation makes national headlines after the kidnappers agree to negotiate only with Governor Will Conway, the social-media-savvy Republican nominee. Frank invites Conway and his family to the White House to assist in the negotiations as a publicity stunt, and Conway helps buy critical time in locating the suspects, earning him public praise. However, tensions between the Conways and Underwoods lead to the governor ending his role in the crisis and leaving D.C. with his family. Frank and Claire allow the kidnappers to speak to the deposed leader of ICO, Yusuf al Ahmadi, after successfully obtaining the release of two of the hostages. Instead of defusing the situation as he agreed, al Ahmadi urges the kidnappers to kill the remaining hostage and broadcast the killing to the public. Meanwhile, Hammerschmidt publishes his story through the Herald and threatens to end Frank’s campaign weeks before the election. Claire urges Frank to use a heavier hand in the situation, and they decide to fight back by creating chaos. Frank addresses the public declaring that the nation is at total war, ordering the full force of the military be used to combat terror around the world, regardless the cost. The season ends with Frank and Claire watching the live execution of the hostage together and Claire breaking the fourth wall for the first time by looking into the camera along with Frank.

OOOO! Tell me you’re interested because I totally am!

Will you be watching season 5? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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