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Netflix Addiction #4


What is this month’s Netflix Addiction? Well, season five is out in May, Kevin Spacey is the star and it’s all about the government. Can you guess?

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This month’s Netflix Addiction recommendation is…


First of all, let me point out that SEASON FIVE IS OUT ON THE 30th MAY!

Secondly, that means you have just over a month to binge watch all 4 previous seasons before the next one is out. All of the seasons have 13 episodes in, I’m not sure if that’s an unlucky thing or not…

This program will grip you, intrigue you and majorly shock you! I have to admit, it takes you a little while to understand some of the vocab and the hierarchy of the different positions. But when you get into the swing of things, you feel like a pure politician.

Kevin Spacey’s acting is amazing in this series and he is also quite funny in a dark, sick and twisted kind of way. When he turns to the camera and either explains something or makes a snide comment about the person he is with is hilarious. I love his southern accent too!

Honestly, if you want a program fix, this is the one to watch. Binge watch it before season five because believe me, season five is gonna be a scary one!

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