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Readathon Tips!

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With Dewey’s 24 hour readathon just a week away, I thought I would share some readathon tips. HANDS UP who is excited for 24 hours of reading a shit ton of books?! Best of luck for the readathon and here are my tips đŸ™‚

1. Alert people…

…that the readathon is coming up and so if they disturb you they can prepare for your wrath.

2. Make sure you have all your goodies…

…before you sit down to read because there is nothing worse when you’re into a book and you really need a drink or food and you have to actually move because you were unprepared.


3. Do not overdo it.

You will only put yourself into a slump! My advice is to set a timer for like half an hour and when the timer goes off, put your book down and go and walk around for a bit then go back to reading. You need a break because believe me your eyes will suffer.


4. Get up and move around!

You don’t want to I know, but it is essential to stop the post reading leg cramps. Even if you walk up and down the stairs a few times or do a bit of an Ace Ventura dance…


5. Choose your TBR wisely

I know you want to read ALL OF DA BOOKS, but choose wisely! You don’t want to end up in a slump and it kills your readathon vibe and that’s the end of that. My advice would be to choose short books to read, like 300 pages or less. That way you can get more books read and you are reading more variety, rather than one long story.

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That’s it for my readathon tips. If there are any more that you want to add to the list then feel free to comment below!

What are your readathon tips?



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