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TUESDAY TALKS: What is more important, Characters or Plot?


This is set up by the wonderful Janie over at Bookworms Buddy, and Janelle at MrsJRodsReads. This really segment is, as the name implies, a talk each Tuesday about a book-related topic.

And this week’s topic is:

What is more important, Characters or Plot?

DEFINITELY BOTH! It is so hard to choose because both are major elements to a good book.

If I had to choose it would be characters because you can’t always remember every bit of a plotline, but you will always remember a character as if they’re your best friend. For example, you don’t remember every part of The Hunger Games but you’ll remember all about Katniss and Effie and Haymitch and Peeta etc.

Characters become part of you and some even feel like real-life people! You will be rooting for them or for their downfall depending on the character and that is where the true importance lies. You need to be invested in your characters before you’re bothered what happens to them!

What about you?
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