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REVIEW TIME – Username: Regenerated by Joe Sugg

Check out my review of Book 1 in this series, Username: Evie.

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Release Date: 22nd September 2016
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
The Book Depository


Evie is safe home, but her heart remains in e.scape. She’s desperate to return, but the app that transports her has corrupted in the great reboot.When besotted geek, Lionel, offers to help, he doesn’t just restore the gateway as she had planned. He opens up a series of revelations that calls into question everything Evie treasures in life.With a momentous discovery to be unearthed in the virtual realm, and an e.scape fugitive on the loose in reality, can our sidelined schoolgirl save not one world but two?


Here was my initial review on Goodreads:

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 22.31.29.png

 I received this book for Christmas from my Fiancé, which has become a tradition since the first graphic novel in this series, Username: Evie, came out in 2015. I couldn’t wait to see all of the beautiful illustrations again and be sucked back into Evie’s world.

I have to admit, I was overly excited for this book and I think maybe I ruined it for myself by hyping over it too much. I was a little disappointed because the story was good but just good, not great or amazing.

It was fab to meet some familiar characters again and reconnect with their personalities, along with meeting a few new characters. I was let down by a new character because I had high expectations of them that they didn’t live up to. I would say who but it’s a total spoiler.

These 2 books are the first ever graphic novels I read and I will still buy into the rest of the series for that reason. I feel attached to Evie and other characters enough to want to read more of their adventures.


If you’ve never read a graphic novel, let this be your first.



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