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On the fourth week of Christmas, The Book Moo gave to me, a parcel that is heavy! 

GIVEAWAY (2).jpg

These rhymes just get worse and worse! Anyway, the final week of ‘The 4 Weeks of Christmas’ giveaways is not for one, or two, or even three books… It is a mighty 4 book parcel, which includes all books in the Fallen series by Lauren Kate! Fallen is going to be released as a film soon, I believe that it’s already out in some countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, but I might be wrong there. You don’t have long to read these books as it may be released in early 2017 and the second instalment, Torment, is in production as we speak! So get entering for your chance to win all 4 books!

ReadORama Wrap-up! One copy of Fallen
ReadORama Wrap-up! One copy of Torment
ReadORama Wrap-up! One copy of Passion
ReadORama Wrap-up! One copy of Rapture

DISCLOSURE: These books are my own well-loved copies and so there are a few little bumps and bruises!

To enter this epic giveaway, you must be following me on Twitter (@thebookmoo) and RT the tweet below. This is a UK giveaway so please don’t enter if you live elsewhere (sorry :()

Click the tweet below to go to twitter and have a chance to WIN and don’t forget if you follow my blog, you’ll be entered twice, yes TWICE!

The giveaway ends on SUNDAY 1ST JANUARY at around 6PM. The winner will be contacted and announced on Twitter!

Thank you to everyone who entered any of The 4 Weeks of Christmas giveaways and followed me on Twitter or on my blog. I want to say that I am deeply grateful to the bookish community for your support, awesome-ness and overall fangirling nature. I wish you all a very happy, safe and prosperous 2017 🙂


Agony Aunt Mel

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