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BLOGMAS DAY 4: Bookish First Dates

Ooo la la! This post is named Bookish First Dates and is inspired by the hilarious and heart-warming channel 4 programme, First Dates. However, there is a twist since this is a book blog…

First dates are full of first impressions and so, I wondered what are our first impressions of books? What do you look for when buying a book? Are you someone who takes their time or falls head over heels? Well, here are my bookish first impression requirements…

crazy-transparent-background-clipart-1 Cover

First, the cover is what grabs me because that is the very first thing you see before even considering a book. Although, I have to admit you shouldn’t let a cover decide if you should or shouldn’t buy a book because there are some amazing books out there with unbelievably awful covers. However, I’ve included some beauties for your leisure and to prove my point that a sexy cover catches your eye immediately.

crazy-transparent-background-clipart-1 First Page

Next up is the first page. This is a crucial part to your ‘date’, because it needs to leave a lasting impression. Something you will remember like a description of Privet Drive or a shock to the system like, ‘today was the day I died’. It gets you thinking straight away and automatically you’re like woah what a great first page, I MUST READ MORE!

crazy-transparent-background-clipart-1 Author

Okay, this isn’t a requirement but it can persuade you sometimes and make you pick up a book you haven’t heard of. Also, I know I have some auto-buy authors that I can’t resist picking up, including Marissa Meyer, V. E Schwab and Sabaa Tahir. Like everything in life, we have our faves.

crazy-transparent-background-clipart-1 First Chapter

This is similar to the first page because that first chapter needs to grip you and make you want to find out more and relate to the characters mentioned. Let’s face it, you need to have at least met the characters, have an idea of the World they’re in and get an idea of their dilemma. Or maybe I’m just being seriously picky here?

crazy-transparent-background-clipart-1 Characters

giphy (68).gif

To me, I need to relate to the characters in some way and if I can’t then it puts me off a book completely. With that said, if I can’t relate to a character, I need to have strong feelings towards them for it to work. It can be positive or negative feelings though! For example, I love Ron Weasley in a positive way, he’s a great character who I feel is needed in Harry Potter but on the other hand, I have negative feelings for Voldemort and they’re incredibly strong which is again highly important. Both of these feelings are a connection in some way so that’s what you need to feel for the characters from the start.

Whilst I’m on the subject of characters, I need diversity pretty please. I’m pretty fed up of the whole white wash. Every character I read about seems to be white, straight and able-bodied. Like why? I need that diversity because it’s a part of life, there are different people EVERYWHERE. Please don’t make all of the characters the same!

crazy-transparent-background-clipart-1 Genre

YA.YA.YA. Enough said…

What are some first impression you like to see in a book? Does the cover matter to you? Tell me in the comments 🙂

Agony Aunt Mel


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