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Merry Blogmas!

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Hello and welcome to The Book Moo, i’m Mel and I am taking on the challenge of Blogmas for December 2016. I took on Blogmas in 2015 and succeeded, HUZZAH! I’m hoping to do the same this year and may I point out my attractive new Blogmas design above ^^^

If you aren’t too sure what Blogmas is you can find out more here, but here’s a quick overview. Blogmas takes place in December and is a challenge to post on your blog every day for the whole month. Believe me, it is really tricky to keep up with and tocome up with imaginative and creative posts each day!

So now that you know all about Blogmas and the challenge that i’m facing, what about you all? What can you look forward to seeing here on The Book Moo during Blogmas? Well…

ReadORama Wrap-up! GIVEAWAYS                                                ReadORama Wrap-up! BOOK REVIEWS 
ReadORama Wrap-up!LISTS                                                              ReadORama Wrap-up! TUESDAY TALKS
ReadORama Wrap-up! TOP 5 WEDNESDAYS                                ReadORama Wrap-up! TOP 10 TUESDAYS
ReadORama Wrap-up! ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS                       ReadORama Wrap-up! LOOKING FORWARD TO 2017
ReadORama Wrap-up! AND SO MUCH MORE!!!

Stay tuned to The Book Moo throughout the month of December for a new blog post each day by using the follow button to your right. Thanks for reading and see you all tomorrow!

Agony Aunt Mel

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