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TOP 5 WEDNESDAY: Favourite Publishers

Top 5 Wednesday is set up by the lovely Lainey at GingerReadsLainey if you want to pop over and have a look at her channel. This meme is being looked after by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes. Let’s have a look at the topic for today!

Favourite Publishers


5) Hot Key Books


I couldn’t leave these absolute babes off my list could I? They are absolutely fab and I have lost count of just how many amazing books they have published and provided me with. Can I point out that in no way is this a sponsored post or anything but I’m simply portraying my love for hot key books and their amazing team of charming people. A special thank you to Valentina, Georgia and Tina for review, blogging and book club opportunities.

4) Walker


Walker books have published some classic children’s books over the years and I absolutely love them for it. Although I don’t have my own children, I find it highly encouraging that the children I teach often bring Walker books into the classroom and want to share the story with the class. It is beautiful, inspiring and lovely to see Walker bringing stories into children’s lives that will stick forever.

3) Usborne


Okay, the number one reason that Usborne are on my list is simply because they publish Holly Bourne’s books. Also, their logo is a hot air balloon, what more do you want?!

2) Harper Collins


Well, the amazing people at Harper Collins are so good at picking the best titles and providing review copies too *wink,wink*. They also publish some brilliant authors including Lauren Oliver, Kendare Blake and Katharine McGee.

1) Scholastic


Scholastic are fantastic publishers for children’s books. They often host book fair’s at schools and are very open to providing children with books for learning needs. They are fab.

What about you?

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Agony Aunt Mel


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