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TUESDAY TALKS: Most infuriating characters that you have read

This is set up by the wonderful Janie over at Bookworms Buddy, and Janelle at MrsJRodsReads. This really fun-to-do segment is basically, as the name implies, a talk each Tuesday about a book-related topic.

And this week’s topic is:

Most infuriating characters that you have read…

I have said this again and again and again and it’s a really unpopular opinion but PEETA MELLARK. I know a lot of people love him and yes he’s sensitive and kind-hearted but just NO! I feel like he can’t look after himself and Katniss is left to fend for him like a lost little boy. It really infuriates me!
Also, Bella Swan because seriously? Edward treats you like shit and you fall for him? Is that what we want to teach girls to expect?! It’s okay if he shows interest and then totally ignores you and then makes you feel like crap. GRR! My feminist side hates twilight!

What about you?
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