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REVIEW TIME: The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

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Release Date: 7th May 2015
Publisher: MacMillan
The Book Depository
It was not enough. All knowledge- any knowledge – called to Faith, and there was a delicious, poisonous pleasure in stealing it unseen.
Faith has a thirst for science and secrets that the rigid confines of her class cannot supress. And so it is that she discovers her disgraced father’s journals, filled with the scribbled notes and theories of a man driven close to madness. Tales of a strange tree which, when told a lie, will uncover a truth: the greater the lie, the greater the truth revealed to the liar. Faith’s search for the tree leads her into great danger – for where lies seduce, truths shatter . . .


Here was my initial review on goodreads:

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Overall Feelings

Let’s start with the creeeeepy plot. So we meet Faith and her family who moved to this peaceful village away from the whispers and wonders about her dad as a forger of fossils etc. Faith digs through her father’s journals and finds an interesting piece about a so called ‘Lie Tree’. I shit you not, it’s an actual tree. So Faith goes in search of this creepy as hell tree that dies in the sun and lives off of lies and darkness. The story and characters are so well-crafted and suited to the era it is written in.

I loved that Faith was the picture of feminism at a time when women were seen as dumb objects to be admired but not listened to. She is an intelligent young lady who is not only deceitful but totally undermined in society. Her younger brother is seen as someone who will be great like his father whilst she is just a piece of meat to be sold to the highest bidder. Although she is seen that way by society, we know the extent of her ability and knowledge. GIRL POWER! I loved Faith for this reason alone!

I was amazed at the beauty of the setting in such a dark book. It has a gothic twist but the scenery seems stunning to me, a grand old house with plenty of land and a beach with stony caves and sunsets and just wow! Picturesque even in the circumstances of this dark book.

I would definitely recommend reading this unique tale for its intense plot that will keep your mind reeling into the small hours of the night and i’m not joking, the tree will scare the shit out of you.


Moo Rating:

Agony Aunt Mel

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