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5 Deadly Sins in the style of Shakespeare


Shakespeare starter pack:

Thou – You                                Thee – You

Thy – Your                                 Doth – Do

Wherefore – Why                    Whither – Where

Hence – Away                           Act of Folly – Act of silliness

*Any words you’re unsure of let me know in the comments and i’ll help you out*

Recently I saw a gross amount of deadly sins against books. If’t be true you’ve been following mine blog then thee wilt knoweth I went on holiday to Mexico in August, which wast a sin hotspot. For some reason, some people bethink that holidays art the only time those gents can readeth and so those gents commit deadly sins against books since those gents don’t cherish them all year round.

Alloweth me telleth thee about their sins…

1. Thou shalt not crack the spine.

I could not believe the amount of people lacking valor (terrible people) who did this. WHY?! I doth not comprehend how thee can treat a booketh in such a manner.

2. Thou shalt not bend thee front covereth back.

Wherefore would thee bend the front covereth of a booketh around? Art those gents too lazy to hold the booketh properly? Wherefore cause the booketh so much wear and tear? I cannot understandeth it.

3. Thou shalt not taketh the booketh anywhere near water.

There wast a gross amount of people sitting in the pool with the booketh in their hands. Didst those gents care about the water? Not one bit! Their books whither millimetres hence from a watery end and yet those gents still hath chosen this act of folly! 

4. Thou shalt not spill drinketh on the booketh.

I understandeth accidents with this sin but that doest not mean I condone those folk. Tis not only a cruelty to thy booketh but wherefore would thee spill a perfectly valorous Margarita? Whither is thy sense sir? 

5. Thou shalt not dog eareth thy pages.

No bookmark? Alloweth me to just curl the corner of the page ov’r, that wilt doth. WHAT?! NO, I shalt not accepteth that behaviour. What a fartuous person to doth such a thing! To leaveth a scar on a precious booketh still, how selfish!

I hope thee enjoyed my Shakespearean taketh on the 5 deadly sins against books. If’t thee didst then let me knoweth in the comments what thee bethought and leaveth a like on this post. Thee can also followeth mine blog using the button at the top right handeth side of this page! Much appreciated, thank you.

Agony Aunt Mel


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