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REVIEW TIME: Sing by Vivi Greene

Review Time

Release Date: 2nd June, 2016
Publisher: Harper Collins
The Book Depository
Multiplatinum pop icon Lily Ross’s biggest hits and biggest heartbreaks (because they are one and the same):
1. AGONY. (That feeling when her ex ripped her heart out of her chest and she never saw it coming.)
2. GHOSTS. (Because even famous people are ghosted by guys sometimes. And it sucks just as much.)
3. ONCE BITTEN. (As in: twice shy. Also, she’s never dating an actor or a musician ever again.)
But this summer’s going to be different. After getting her heart shattered, Lily is taking herself out of the spotlight and heading to a small island in middle-of-nowhere Maine with her closest friends. She has three months until her fall tour starts-three months to focus on herself, her music, her new album. Anything but guys.
That is . . . until Lily meets sweet, down-to-earth local Noel Bradley, who is so different from anyone she’s ever dated. Suddenly, Lily’s “summer of me” takes an unexpected turn, and she finds herself falling deeper and harder than ever before. But Noel isn’t interested in the limelight. She loves Noel-but she loves her fans, too. And come August, she may be forced to choose.


Here was my initial review on goodreads:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 19.29.28.png

Overall Feelings

I have to admit, at first I really didn’t think this was going to be my cup of tea. However, since I won a copy from Maximum Pops and it is only a short book (279 pages) I thought i’d give it a whirl. In the end i’m glad I did!

The setting was phenomenally beautiful and I could visualise it in my mind, literally every detail of the lake, the house, the area. It is crafted so well that it makes you want to jump in the car and go, or get your swimming costume at the ready to dive into the lake.

Talking about the lake, there is a certain really cute scene that you will LOVE! Like my heart was on overload and it was the sweetest moment/fairytale i’ve read. Although this moment was a fairytale, I like that the ending wasn’t. It wasn’t romanticised that Prince Charming saves the day and blah, blah, BLAH! It was nice to have a realistic resolution that isn’t too far fetched.

OH MY GOD! I just wrote that paragraph and then looked at my goodreads review above to get an idea of what to write next and BAM! I’ve literally repeated my words “Blah, blah, BLAH!” and didn’t mean to do it. Wow.

Anyway, characters! Lily was down to Earth for a popstar and really quite nice but I found her slightly irritating to read and whiny. Like seriously SHUSH! As for Noel and Sid, they were lovely and chilled out and just everyday genuine people.

In conclusion, I enjoyed the book but found it slightly cheesy and the main character a little irritating, but I liked that it defied the stereotypical BOY SAVES THE DAY trope we see an awful lot.


Moo Rating:

Agony Aunt Mel


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