TOP 5 WEDNESDAY: Books You Feel Differently About

Top 5 Wednesday is set up by the lovely Lainey at GingerReadsLainey if you want to pop over and have a look at her channel. This meme is being looked after by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes. Let’s have a look at the topic for today!

Books you feel differently about

5) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
I definitely feel differently about this book in a good way. As a kid I was interested in the films but not really that bothered about the book but as i’ve gotten older, I LOVE IT! I work in a school so I’ve read this book an awful lot to children and it’s totally changed my opinion of it and made me see Roald Dahl for what he really is, an inspiration.

4) Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

This was my least favourite Lunar Chronicle the first time round because I couldn’t get past my dislike for Scarlet. However, after re-reading it last year before Winter was released I saw it in a better light since I already knew what Scarlet turned out like.

3) A Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin

I enjoyed this book and hyped about it after reading it like AGHHH IT’S SO MEDIEVAL!
BUT, looking back that was one slow ass, boring book. I think what made me love it at the time was that the TV show was out and is was getting raved about and there are DRAGONS. It doesn’t make up for the pages upon pages of useless feast information or description of a river.

2) The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Unfortunately, I feel differently about The 5th Wave for a negative reason. When I read it, it was breaking me into sci-fi and I found it realistic and cool and overall a gripping read. Looking back, it took me weeks to finish and it was a bit slow and when I really thought about it, apart from the end, nothing else much happens. It’s about a girl in a forest for the majority of the book.


1) The Color Purple by Alice Walker

I  know you’re fed up of me talking about this book but seriously it’s a classic in my eyes. This was required reading for my A Level English course and of course no one likes required reading because well…it’s required. At the time I did not appreciate this book because I knew certain passages off by heart and when you analyse the themes within an inch of your life, it really drains your enjoyment for the book. It’s only as i’ve finished college that I fully appreciate how powerful this book is and how cleverly written it is! What a great way to feel differently about a book 🙂

What about you?

WOO! That was this week’s Top 5 Wednesday, stay tuned for next weeks!

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