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TOP 5 WEDNESDAY: Favorite Books Outside Your Comfort Zone


Top 5 Wednesday is set up by the lovely Lainey at GingerReadsLainey if you want to pop over and have a look at her channel. Let’s have a look at the topic for today!

Favourite Books outside your Comfort Zone

So…this one is a Top 3 because I obviously don’t read outside of my comfort zine often. So anyway let’s get on with it eh? ALSO, GET ON MY NEW LAYOUT!

TOP 5 WEDNESDAY: Favorite Books Outside Your Comfort Zone                                          

3) Mind Your Head by Juno Dawson & Dr. Olivia Hewitt

So non-fiction is really not my thing BUT these amazing takes on information really changed my mind.

2) This Book is Gay by Juno Dawson

It all started with this book and it changed my mindset on the whole boring rigmaroll of information thrown at you in non-fiction books.

1) Being A Girl by Hayley Long
I thought this was a brilliant idea to help teenage girls understanding what it is to be a girl and how to deal with it. Plus it’s written in a totally different and relatable way!


WOO! That was this week’s Top 5 Wednesday, stay tuned for next week’s!


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