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TUESDAY TALKS: Have you ever returned to a DNF book and finished it?

This is set up by the wonderful Janie over at Bookworms Buddy, and Janelle at MrsJRodsReads. This really fun-to-do segment is basically, as the name implies, a talk each Tuesday about a book-related topic.

And this week’s topic is:

Have you ever returned to a DNF book and finished it?

To be short, no I haven’t returned to a book I didn’t finish…yet! I do have plans to though, in the future, sometime. Should I just stop now?

I DNF The Iron King by Julie Kagawa and it’s played on my mind ever since. I can’t talk negatively about a book I didn’t finish. It’s like an unwritten rule for me. I wasn’t enjoying it so I put it down and promised to go back to it since I bought the rest of the series too! I feel like I can’t give it a bad review or even talk about it because I didn’t see it out till the end. For example, I hated every minute of Big Fish by Daniel Wallace but I feel better saying that knowing that I saw it out till the end and still didn’t like it.

I also DNF Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn which really bugs me because I didn’t even finish 1 chapter of it so I will go back to that in the not too distant future and finish it…hopefully.

What about you?

That’s it for this week’s Tuesday Talks!

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2 thoughts on “TUESDAY TALKS: Have you ever returned to a DNF book and finished it?

  1. I have two systems I use for books I’m not wanting to finish which is I either set is as DNF or Paused. I don’t think I’ve ever re-visited a DNF but I have re-visited paused books and finished them


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