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I am going to burst with excitement! So, here’s the point of this post…
A few girlies from Twitter and I have decided to start a book club simply called ‘The Book Club’. So each month we’ll be reading a book and having a Twitter chat using the hashtag #TheBookClub. The first official month of our book club is July and well we’re not quite sure what to read!
Earlier this week we had a poll to decide for one YA contemporary and one YA fantasy winner. The winner’s are going head to head in a sudden death poll, DUN DUN DUNNNN!
Ahem…that was slightly over dramatic but anyway cast your vote below for the winner and what we’ll be reading this month…yes I know there’s 3…
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Which book shall The Book Club read in July?
This Savage Song
The Unexpected Everything
Am I Normal Yet?

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The results will be posted on Twitter so make sure you keep an eagle eye out for the winner! To make it easier for you to find, here are The Book Club’s Twitter handles:
Grace: @GracieFM
Katie L: @KatieBookQueen
Ria: @RIAxoTT
Rebecca: @RebeccaVeight
Saara: @saara782
Kat: @katnapt

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