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I have the amazing opportunity to join in on the release day BLITZ for Our Song by Ashley Bodette. Please don’t let me have a meltdown now because I am so thrilled to give you all a bit more info about this book.

Also, stick around until the end of this post for some teasers from the book! Oh it’s all so exciting!

First of all here’s a quick blurb…

Becca:I broke up with Trip four months ago. But with the exception of my parents, I haven’t told anyone why. Not my friends, not my little sister, not even Asher. 

Asher:I’ve been missing my best friend every day for the last nine months. Even though Becca broke up with Trip months ago, she’s still been distant, even when we’re in the same room. 

Trip:She thinks she can break up with me and then go on a “family” vacation with him? I’m going to prove to both of them that she never should have left me.

Interesting right? Okay, so now that I have you hooked, here are some links for you to check it out even further and buy this beauty…

Amazon – UK
Amazon – US
Amazon – AU
Amazon – CA

Remember that today is the release day so GO GO GO, check those links and get your copy ASAP!
Let’s find out more about the lovely lady herself, Ashley Bodette.
Ashley Bodette is a soon-to-be MA publishing graduate from Kingston University London. She started her venture into the book world as a book blogger, never imagining that one day she’d write a book. Now, you couldn’t stop her from 
writing if you tried.

Along with writing and providing editing and other author services, you also might find Ashley crocheting, watching British television shows on Netflix, playing piano, singing around the house, or, of course, curled up with a good book.

Here are some links to find out even more about Ashley:


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