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REVIEW TIME: Birdy by Jess Vallance

Title: Birdy

Author: Jess Vallance

Release Date: 2nd of July, 2015

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Pages: 272 pages

Frances Bird has been a loner for so long that she’s given up on ever finding real friendship. But then she’s asked to show a new girl around school, and she begins to think her luck could finally be changing.
Eccentric, talkative and just a little bit posh, Alberta is not at all how Frances imagined a best friend could be. But the two girls click immediately, and it’s not long before they are inseparable. Frances could not be happier.
As the weeks go on, Frances finds out more about her new best friend – her past, her secrets, her plans for the future – and she starts to examine their friendship more closely.
Is it, perhaps, just too good to be true?

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I thought this book was an AMAZING read. Here was my initial review on goodreads:

Overall feelings:

My overall feelings after reading this book are…

As I said in my Goodreads review, I think we need to do an assessment of Jess Vallance’s brain because i’m not quite sure how she can conclude a book so psychotically! If you haven’t picked up this book yet it needs to go to the top of your TBR because it is competing with my favourites at the moment. You’ll read it and be like this is quite good and then BAM it gets majorly addictive and creepy and scary all at once. READ IT NOW!


Moo Rating:


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