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TOP 5 WEDNESDAY: Characters you defend

Top 5 Wednesday is set up by the lovely Lainey at GingerReadsLainey if you want to pop over and have a look at her channel. Let’s have a look at the topic for today!

Characters I defend

5) Gale Hawthorne – The Hunger Games
This may seem strange to a lot of people and to be fair I’ve had major twitter abuse from die hard Peeta fans. Hear me out though, I feel like Gale is a fighter and he doesn’t stand back despite being a dick, he is determined. I like that and I don’t fancy Peeta being so needy so I am very sorry but that’s my opinion!

4) Carswell Thorne – The Lunar Chronicles

I LOVE Carswell Thorne. He may be a criminal and a bit of a macho but he certainly grows into maturity throughout this series. Especially in Cress where something major happens and he has to deal with a really traumatic situation.

3) Jaime Lannister – ASOIAF Series

Jaime isthe coward that pushed Bran out of the window amongst many other flaws, BUT the point is he is trying to redeem himself. He turns into this loyal man who defends anyone who tries to bad mouth people who deserves honour and courtesy. I really think Jaime has developed so much throughout the books.

2) Molly Sue – Under My Skin

I kind of think Molly Sue is really creepy but at the same time totally cool. She is a fantastically crafted character and so imaginative. I’m inspired by her straight personality, she doesn’t take shit from anyone and so I like her a lot!

1) Hephzibah – Black Heart Blue

I feel like I need to defend Hephzibah because she didn’t necessarily DO anything evil, although her words are enough to hurt Rebecca, her twin. It’s more like she stood back and let her sister take an awful lot FOR her. It’s a really cowardly thing to do but you don’t know what it’s like until you’re in that situation. I’ve never personally had to deal with anything like abuse so that’s why I defend Hephzi. I just don’t know if you’d be a strong enough person to stand up and speak out or not.

WOO! That was this week’s Top 5 Wednesday, stay tuned for next week’s!

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