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REVIEW TIME: Trapped in the Bargain Basement by Nick Bryan

Title: Trapped in the Bargain Basement

Author: Nick Bryan

Release Date:  6th of October, 2015

Pages: 207 pages

 “You’ve heard of conspiracies within conspiracies? I wish conspiracies WOULD hide inside each other, instead of turning up everywhere I go.”

Angelina Choi returns for her final day of work experience at the Hobson Agency – is there a job waiting afterwards? Should she walk away for her own good?
While she mulls it over, they’re hired by the massive EastVillage shopping centre to investigate a spate of muggings. But do the management know more than they’re letting on?
As Hobson and Choi wrestle with commercialised corruption, will Angelina finally squeeze in her first date with Will the Hot Receptionist? Can anything emerge from the smoking crater of Hobson’s love life?

Trapped In The Bargain Basement plunges grimly comic London crime series Hobson & Choi to new depths, after climbing to #1 in Dark Comedy on Amazon and breaking records on Jukepop Serials. 

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Here was my initial review on goodreads:

Overall feelings:

My overall feelings after reading this book are…

I think this series in general has some brilliant comedic value and I would definitely carry on this series. Hobson and Choi are a great pair that bring both comedy, intelligence and fun to this book. Also, Markus is just so lovable that I want one myself! Defintiely worth a try, such a short but addictive read.


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