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Lying About Last Summer BLOG TOUR!

YAY! Faye Rogers has given me yet another brilliant opportunity for a fantastic blog tour! Another major thank you to Scholastic and Sue Wallman for providing me with a review copy of this book, eeek!

OH MY GOD, I wish that I could enable feel-a-vision right now because this book has such a cool effect on the cover! it feels like bubbles, ahhh! I love it when books have an amazing aesthetic about them, it makes me so excited!

“The story centres around a girl called Skye, who is sent to a camp for troubled teenagers after her sister dies in an accident. However, once she is at the camp she starts receiving text messages from someone pretending to be her dead sister.”

Amazon Link:

Okay, I know you are all dying to head straight over to Amazon to get this baby but WAIT RIGHT THERE! You gotta read my review first.


First off, here was my initial review on goodreads:
First off we have the main character Skye who I thought was really down to Earth and level-headed, even though she has been through an awful lot. I get the impression that her relationship with her sister, Luisa, wasn’t just a sister bond, it was almost a best friend bond.

Luisa seemed like not just a bossy, moody big sister but a caring one who always put Skye before herself. The circumstances of her death show that and no I’m not telling you how because you HAVE to read it to find out!

I personally think most people, if not everyone has a Toby in their life. That boy that you grew up with so closely that he’s like another brother. He’s basically an extension of Skye and Luisa’s family.
(My own Toby is called Tom and was my next door neighbour and my brother’s best friend growing up. Do you have a Toby in your life?)

Fay is a weird character who I couldn’t get my head around at first. I think she just wants connection at this vulnerable time in her life and she thrives on the little attention she does get. I think that’s why she comes across so babyish too, with her rabbit teddy and nervous composure.

I was very wary of Danielle and thought she was a little bit ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’. I’m still not sure what to make of her but I think like with Toby, you can identify someone in your own life who is a bit of a Danielle.

How could I not talk about Brandon? He is so sweet and not in a cheesy unbelievable way, in a realistic way. He cares about people and is at the Centre to deal with the loss of his brother , so he kind of gets how Skye is feeling. I have a real soft spot for Brandon even though at times I was as paranoid as Skye about him.

Well that leaves me to talk about Joe. What a piece of work. You know when you get that creepy sensation about someone and you can’t put your finger on it? That is Joe all over. He is the know-it-all, the attention seeker and the general show-off. I really did not like him from the word go. CREEPER ALERT!

As you can tell, I was definitely emotionally invested in these characters…

This book is written from Skye’s perspective and flips between the present situation in Morley Hill Activity and Adventure Centre and the past, last summer in Yew Tree House.

Skye unfortunately goes through the ordeal of losing her sister. Her sister dies in their family pool and Skye cannot get that image out of her head. Her mum thinks it is a good idea for Skye to visit Morley Hill under a charity for teenagers going through bereavement.
Whilst at the camp, Skye meets a whole host of characters that can empathise with losing someone close to them. BUT, she starts receiving messages from her dead sister. I know right, how creepy?!

So anyway, she becomes paranoid about everyone at the camp who could possibly have hacked into her sister’s MessageHound account and decides to creep her the fuck out. Seriously, whilst reading this book I could feel the tingles down my spine. How can someone be so sick to do such a thing?

Meanwhile, Skye gets the heebie-jeebies about Joe being the possible hacker because he is so intense and self-righteous. Basically an attention hog who wants all eyes on him. Is it him? Is it someone else? Who knows?

You will have to read this addictive and thrilling book to find out…

Overall feelings:

My overall feelings after reading this book are…

Pretty please read this book because it is seriously amazing and such a short but addictive read. You won’t want to put it down until you’ve devoured the whole thing in one. It’s sick and twisted and has a thrilling finale! Skye faces her fears and overcomes her battle so well. The pain of loss will always be there for her but her pain is lessened after the climax of this book.



  Sue Wallman is a journalist who lives in London with her husband and three teenage daughters. In 2013 she won the Bailey’s Women’s Prize first chapter award judged by Rachel Joyce and Kate Mosse. LYING ABOUT LAST SUMMER is her first novel.

Do not forget, this was released on Thursday so NOW you can head over to Amazon and buy this bad boy:

Thank you for stopping here and checking out my review, along with this amazing blog tour!
The schedule is below if you want to nip elsewhere and have a look at other blogger’s posts on this tour.

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