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TUESDAY TALKS: Do you read/watch reviews before or after reading a book?

This is set up by the wonderful Janie over at Bookworms Buddy, and Janelle at MrsJRodsReads. This really fun-to-do segment is basically, as the name implies, a talk each Tuesday about a book-related topic.

And this week’s topic is:

Do you read/watch reviews before or after reading a book?

I never ever read or watch reviews before I read a book because I am a serious hater of spoilers. I’m majorly sensitive to them as well. Like something other people would be fine with and not see as a spoiler would be a serious problem for me.

I often watch or read reviews after I’ve read a book because that way I can’t be spoiled and I love hearing about what other people thought about that book. It gives me a new perspective and ideas about the book, sometimes reviews make me change my mind about a book because I didn’t see them in that light until the review.

I sometimes watch reviews of really hyped books that I don’t want to read and end up thinking “Oooo, I wanna read that now!” …and so the TBR pile grows!

Talking about reviews, I recently participated in the Write On ReviewAThon. You can read my post here and check out all of my reviews here!

What about you? Before or after?

That’s it for this week’s Tuesday Talks!

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