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BLOGMAS DAY 24: CramAThon Wrap-Up!

Okay, I don’t even care that I’m about to boast. This was the greatest readathon for me EVER! Not only did I manage to read 3 books during the CramAThon, they all seemed to be truly AMAZING reads!

I chose my TBR books carefully so that I actually got through atleast one book. These reads are all under 300 pages long, which made more than perfect readathon picks if I do say so myself. All of these reads are Hot Key Books/Picadilly Press/Bonnier too, bravo to them and a big thank you from me! So, what are they about?
Wild Song by Janis MacKay is a slightly younger read but nonetheless highly enjoyable to someone in their twenties *ahem*.
What I loved about the book is that it is set in Finland, which I thought was a wonderfully diverse place to set it. Especially when you take into account the beautiful names of the characters. Which brings me to our main character, 13 year old Niilo, who at the beginning of the book is sent to the ‘Wild School’ for numerous reasons such as stealing and overall being a pain in the arse. It’s at said school that Niilo starts to grow and live and remember, which turns out to be a beautiful and tear-jerking read.
Moo Rating: 

As for my second read of the CramAThon, Only We Know by Simon Packham, this was an intriguing read that had an ending that I just did not see coming! I loved reading this book but I honestly thought it would turn out more sinister than anything. Our main character in this book is a girl named Lauren who moves to a new school for a fresh start, but we as the reader don’t know why she needs a fresh start until the very end. This book is ambiguous and really tells us a lot about the human race and how God awful, but at the same time how supportive we can be.

Moo Rating: 

My final read for CramAThon was Birdy by Jess Vallance. Now I’d already heard about this book and the hype surrounding it before I received it for review from Hot Key Books. I have to say I went into it totally blind and I’m so glad that I didn’t have those spoilery preconceptions beforehand. Basically our main character is Frances Bird, aka Birdy. The book is told from her point of view and it’s like she’s looking back on the events that unfolded. Her only ever friend, Alberta Fitzroy-Black aka Bert, is a latecomer to mainstream school. Bert has been homeschooled her whole life and travelled more than most adults, therefore she has no idea what high school life is like. Enter Birdy. This book is a beautiful tale of friendship, deceit and surprises. And creepiness, a lot of creepiness and obsession…

Moo Rating:  

Overall, I can’t quite describe how good these books are and that is the main reason I was able to read all 3 of them during the CramAThon. Honestly, check them all out like now…GO!

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