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BLOGMAS DAY 7: Christmas Decorations!

Day 7 of Blogmas revolves around decorations! I had something else in mind for today’s post but I just had to push it back for the deccy’s. We started off with hauling everything out of the loft which meant a hell of a lot of sneezing on my part.
Seriously too many decorations.
After all the preparations, we starting to straighten the tree out. We use an artificial tree simply because it’s inexpensive and it stops my family from spending Christmas with red eyes and sneezing the house down. Also, those pesky needles don’t have to be hoovered up!
Anywho, our theme is red and gold so we start with the lights and then the ferns. It is a working progress and seriously I don’t know how many times my mum is gonna move things around in the coming weeks. I’ll keep you posted on the moving decorations count…
Working progress…
We then dug into the other boxes and uncovered the wreath and window lights and porcelain snowman and Father Christmas and teddies and everything Christmas companies have ever manufactured in history ever!
We also welcomed a new addition to the Christmas preparations. Yet another Christmas tree donated by my boyfriends nan, that’s the blue fibre optic one. It is huge and is currently living in the hall until we have extra time to decorate it…which may be another post!
TAAAA DAAAA! The finished picture!

I love this time of year and i’ve loved sharing this blog post with you! If any of you want to share  your own decorations, you can find me on Twitter right here.
I’m @TheBookMoo if you want to search me on any social media. Thanks so much for your continued support, MWAH MWAH MWAH!

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