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BLOGMAS DAY 6: 12 foods of Christmas!

So I needed to think of some Christmas themed posts for Blogmas and I wanted to relate them all to books. However, I felt like the Tuesday Talks and Top 5Wednesday themes this month pretty much cover Winter and Christmas! Therefore, today I am going off the topic of books and I am writing about my second love in life…

And so I give you…
The 12 foods of Christmas!

One Slow roasted Turkey
Two Honey-glazed Hams
Three Homemade Christmas cakes
Four Chocolate Yule Logs
Five Homemade stuffing balls
Six shots of Bailey’s
Seven ladleful’s of Homemade gravy
Eight Goose fat Potatoes
Nine Roasted Parsnips
Ten After Eight Mints
Eleven pigs in blankets
Twelve glasses of Mulled Wine! HIC!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you all a very happy and very greedy Christmas.

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