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BLOGMAS DAY 4: Christmas Stocking Fillers!

Since it is December and we are getting ever closer to Christmas, I decided that this post would be helpful and get me into the Christmas-y mood too. So without further ado, here are some ideas for ‘stocking fillers’.
A stocking filler is basically an inexpensive present that is something small but that adds to the Christmas pile for one person. For example, you may have bought your child, partner or spouse something big and expensive like a bike. You then feel like you can’t just buy them one present, so stocking fillers are the perfect way to bulk up their present pile!
Stocking Filler #1
You cannot go wrong with pyjamas…
So the children won’t be thrilled opening a set of PJ’s but like I said, a stocking filler. Plus, they are something useful that everyone will actually use and not bury in the back of their cupboard. You can get some really great Christmas-y ones, fluffy ones and even fluffy bed socks!
I must be the only ‘adult’ who actually wants to live in their pyjamas…like permanently.
Stocking Filler #2
Colouring books are a new found craze amongst adults and there are some highly creative ones out there. Recently I’ve spied The Secret Garden colouring books, The Lost Ocean, even Game of Thrones has released one! They are everywhere and come pretty cheap, with deals on colouring felt tips and pencils too.
As for children,  colouring is a great way for them to develop fine motor skills. This is the school staff side of me coming out here, but seriously by colouring, your child is developing controlled movements and basically making the first steps towards forming letters and writing. So hey, here’s a slightly educational stocking filler, go me!
Stocking Filler #3
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. How can you go wrong with chocolate? No-one is on a diet at Christmas time, it is a well known fact. If you want to see a smile on someone’s face this Christmas, buy them the biggest chocolate you can find. Even chocolate coins are a speciality at Christmas and a great way to play hide and seek with children!
Stocking Filler #4
Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a book. I tend to think about a book I really enjoyed and want the person to read and pop it in! Even buying someone an amazon voucher with £10 or £20 on and then recommending a book to them would work.
This stocking filler is a great way to encourage non-readers into reading. My boyfriend is a non-reader and it seriously bugs me. I’ve been trying to push him into reading for 4 years now…4 YEARS!!! Anyway, he likes people like Steve Jobs, F1 drivers, bear grylls etc. So I tend to buy him autobiographies as a stocking filler but one day I will get him onto the fiction bandwagon. It’s a life goal of mine.
Stocking Filler #5
This is such a simple and inexpensive present. You can get them everywhere and anywhere. This stocking filler is a phone or tablet case! Now it sounds boring BUT BUT BUT you can get them personalised with a photo on! So a great present might be one with the family pet on, or their children, or a holiday photo, or a cute self with a loved one or a holiday picture. Honestly, you can get these on market stalls here in the UK or online on sites like eBay, I’m not sure about amazon, gettingpersonal, new frog, moon pig etc…
So that’s it for today’s post but I’m hoping you are now all prepared for Christmas and have lots of ideas for those tricky to buy for people. I hope this list helped you and see you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 5!

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