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I am announcing my all-time favourite books today! Okay, so this is not totally original. I was inspired by Christine’s video over at polandandbananasbooks because i’ve never really done any video or blog post like it either!

Honourable mentions:

  • Harry Potter Series
  • Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins
  • Jacqueline Wilson in general
  • John Green’s magnificent-ness

MUHUHAHAHA! Are you ready? See how many of my favourites are yours too.

Let’s begin with my first love:

Lola Rose – Jacqueline Wilson
C’mon now 90’s girls of the UK, you cannot tell me you aren’t a Jacqueline Wilson fan. She was like my absolute favourite author when I was a kid and I swore by this book.
My best friend bought me this book and I literally loved every minute of it, from start to finish. I don’t even remember much of the story but I remember highly enjoying it and recommending it to all my friends at the age of like 8…
It will always hold a place in my heart.
The Color Purple – Alice Walker
I didn’t really appreciate this book when I first read it because it was required reading for college. Let’s face it, annotating the shit out of a novel makes it lose it’s appeal. It was only after the analysing and annotating that I realised how much I wanted to finish the book, how much I wanted to find out more about Celie and Nettie and their lives.
Years after doing my A-level English, I realised that this book is real quality writing and to be honest, most of what makes this book a favourite of mine is the accents. The way the novel is written, makes you read in an accent and I think that gives it a true quality and true character.

The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

This book is the first book to actually make me full on cry, I mean ugly cry, snot, tears, tomato face, the FULL WORKS.
It is so gut-wrenchingly, heart-breakingly brilliant I just wanted to keep hold of it weeks afterwards. Honestly, the way it is written is something to be admired in the first place. It is written from death’s perspective and this is what makes it unique whilst not providing any false hope.
Another thing that makes me love this book is because I read it when I had only just started my YouTube channel so it brings me lovely memories of that excitement and overall happiness to be a book lover.

Lies Like Love – Louisa Reid

Okay, surely you will have realised if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, that this book was gonna be here. It is nearly always found on a Top 5 Wednesday post and mentioned WAY TOO MANY TIMES. However, this is for a very good reason.
I absolutely LOVED this book. I didn’t have a clue what it was about when I went into it but when I started reading I was intrigued and was not expecting the content AT ALL. 
This book is so good I can’t even describe it. Alls I can say is go read it. I’ve recommended it to multiple people who have different preferences to me, and all of them loved it just as much as me.

Cinder – Marissa Meyer
AGAIN, if you didn’t know this was gonna be here then you haven’t been reading my blog for long at all, because I am a stark raving LUNARTIC over this series.
The Lunar Chronicles has a major part of my heart devoted to it. I think it’s so unique and really kickass considering it’s based on fairytales where there isn’t much drama. WELL, this series is all drama.
Cinder, by far is my favourite, bear in mind I haven’t finished Winter yet, but there will be a review very soon, I PROMISE!
Cinder is everything I want in a book, futuristic, technical, dramatic, romantic, sci-fi, fantasy, traditional. I cannot even begin to explain my love for this book. I’ve read it twice now and will probably re-read it in the future because in my opinion it is THE BEST BOOK I HAVE READ IN MY LIFE…so far.

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