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HOT KEY HAUL: November!

Today I bring you a…
                       HOT KEY HAUL

Thank you yet again to Bonnier publishing for sending me out more Hot Key and Piccadilly Press books! WOOP WOOP! This month I received two sequels, which i’m pretty excited about! If you’ve read my blog before you know I really enjoyed the Iremonger series by Edward Carey and finally Lungdon is here, the final instalment in the trilogy! Ruth Hatfield’s newest book is the sequel to The Book of Storms, which was my first read of 2015.

Lungdon – Edward Carey

The dirt town of Foulsham has been destroyed, its ashes still smoldering. Darkness lies heavily over the city, the sun has not come up for days, and inside the houses of people throughout the capital, ordinary objects have begun to move. Strange new people run through the darkened streets. There are rumours of a terrible contagion. From the richest mansion to the poorest slum people have disappeared. The police have been instructed to carry arms. And rats—there are rats everywhere.

Someone has stolen a certain plug.

Someone is lighting a certain box of matches.

All will come tumbling down.

The Iremongers are in London.

 The Colour of Darkness – Ruth Hatfield

Danny O’Neill hasn’t had a single good night’s sleep in the year since he discovered the book of storms. Exhausted and a social outcast, he wishes only to escape the shadowy figure of Sammael who controls his dreams and nightmares.
Cath Carrera, from the other side of town, dreams of escaping her brutish father and spiteful step-family. So when she meets Barshin, a talking hare who offers her protection from her dad’s latest violent rage, she doesn’t think twice about going with him. But she didn’t expect to find a place like Chromos: a vibrant, addictive dreamland built from her imagination, in all its colours.

In return for his protection, Barshin wants Cath to deliver a message to Danny: he must rescue his cousin Tom from Sammael before it is too late.
Together, the three must find a way to stop Sammael before he destroys Tom. But even with the help of talking plants and creatures, and a friendly stag, the journey to Chromos and beyond is a dangerous, near-impossible mission, and Danny and Cath will have to muster every scrap of bravery and ingenuity to have a hope of succeeding.

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