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An Honest Post…

I’ve been really busy lately since everyone in my family decided to be born in October  and therefore I have a limited amount of time to buy everyone’s birthday presents.

This kind of explains my lack of posts, except for the usual Tuesday Talks and Top 5 Wednesday’s. I’m truly sorry for this lack of enthusiasm!

Also, I’ve felt really ‘down’ lately, if you understand what I mean? I have a brilliant life, I’m so lucky to have family, friends and a boyfriend who really love me and look after me so I can’t understand why I’ve felt this way.

I’ve thought long and hard about considering quitting my blog and YouTube channel because they’re hard to keep up with, especially when I feel like I’m rattling on and nobody really cares. Not that I do this for other people but it can be really dis-heartening and feels like why am I bothering?!

This year I’ve been stuck in a rut with my YouTube channel, losing subscribers and just with comments and views overall.

So this is an honest blog post about my feelings. I’m still not sure about what to do but you’ll hear from me soon…

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