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REVIEW TIME: Foulsham by Edward Carey

*SPOILER WARNING – Go to my Book 1 review first here*

Title: Foulsham

Author: Edward Carey

Release Date: 2nd July, 2015

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Pages: 336 pages

Foulsham, London’s great filth repository, is bursting at the seams. The walls that keep the muck in are buckling, rubbish is spilling over the top, back into the city that it came from. In the Iremonger family offices, Grandfather Umbitt Iremonger broods: in his misery and fury at the people of London, he has found a way of making everyday objects assume human shape, and the real people into objects.
Abandoned in the depths of the Heaps, Lucy Pennant has been rescued by a terrifying creature, Binadit Iremonger, more animal than human. She is desperate and determined to find Clod. But unbeknownst to her, Clod has become a golden sovereign and ‘lost’. He is being passed as currency from hand to hand all around Foulsham, and yet everywhere people are searching for him, desperate to get hold of this dangerous Iremonger, who, it is believed, has the power to bring the mighty Umbitt down.But all around the city, things, everyday things, are twitching into life…

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Here was my initial review on goodreads:

I feel like I need to speak about the plot and characters together as I cant really talk about either alone.
Characters & Plot:

Okay, so it starts off with Clod being a Golden Sovereign and being looked after by James Henry Hayward, who used to be a plug. Confused much? Yeah me too, but the book is captivating enough for you to remember this kind of stuff. A Golden Sovereign is a lot of money in Victorian England so yep, you guessed it. Clod is in danger of getting into the wrong hands. I really loved this book and it was truly nail-biting at parts. If you’ve read the first book in the series, Heap House, then you’ll understand why you really need to read this afterwards.

Good old Clod Iremonger. I still love him in this book and feel like he understands just how terrible his family is now. He is still his lovely, charming and gullible self. He really doesn’t know how the world works outside of Heap House. However, Lucy Pennant definitely does know how the World works. BUT BUT BUT, she has been turned into a button and thrown into the heaps. Until she meets Binadit and becomes his friend, calling him “Benedict”. She needs to find a way out of the heaps and Binadit looks like he can help her.

With all of this going on and a lot more behind the scenes, both writing style and illustrations are truly amazing and something to be admired. Edward Carey’s imagination knows no bounds. A weird and wonderful concept in both books and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FINAL INSTALLMENT!!!

Overall feelings:

My overall feelings after reading this book are…

I need this trilogy finished ASAP. So many unanswered questions! The questions I have are listed below so if you haven’t read this book to the end yet, DO NOT READ THEM! This is your spoiler warning. LAST CALL FOR SPOILER WARNING!

  • What happened to Lucy?
  • Is Clod now stuck with the Iremongers?
  • What’s gonna happen?!
  • Are they all going to die because they don’t have their birth objects?!


Moo Rating:

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