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NETGALLEY NEWS: Fire Colour One by Jenny Valentine

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Netgalley News
This segment consists of reviews of my Netgalley approved ARCS. I’m aiming to get a Netgalley News posted at least once a month but that all depends on publishers and whether they approve me!

Today’s Netgalley News is about…

A teenage girl will soon discover, there are some things which burn even brighter than fire.

Iris’s father Ernest is at the end of his life.
Her best friend Thurston seems like a distant memory to her.
Her mother has declared war. She means to get her hands on Ernest’s priceless art collection so that she can afford to live the high life.

But Ernest has other ideas. 
There are things he wants Iris to know. Things he can tell her and things that must wait till he’s gone.

What she does after that is up to her.

Goodreads Review:

Let’s start with a rating:

This seems like a really low rating for me, but I honestly couldn’t rate this book anymore than 3 Moo’s. It feels like there isn’t a story to it, more like the main character’s recollections and memories. As if the story isn’t actually progressing, the only progress is at the very end. The ending is definitely my favourite part as Karma bites back and it’s a feel good ending. With that said, I was pushing myself to actually get there. This may be down to the fact that I don’t have much of an interest or knowledge of Art and Artists. If you’re a real Arty then you will love this book. You will reel from the amount of name-dropping in it! Check it out if you’re into Art okay?!
Iris is the main character who is first and foremost, a firebug. This part of her, as I understand it, is rage. She can only release her emotion when she lights a fire and seeks pleasure in the flames. However, I still feel like this part was undeveloped. Why is she like that? What causes it? I feel like I personally needed more of an explanation.
Hannah, Iris’ mum, is a total bitch. She doesn’t deserve the title Mum and therefore Iris doesn’t call her it. Her boyfriend Lowell is a disgrace too. This sounds sinister but these characters were great. Simply because I truly hated them, there is no redeeming features there and they’re shaped really well. They parallel with the book We Were Liars by E.Lockhart.
Ernest is Iris’ long lost father. He is a very frail character but he has huge implications on Iris’ life and change. This book is basically about their relationship and how it grows. Although Iris’ has spent the majority of her life with Hannah, she is definitely more like Ernest. In a totally good way.
I feel like I hardly know Thurston, which is strange since he is constantly mentioned by Iris. However, you don’t actually meet him until the end so it’s kind of like the connection isn’t amazing. I’d love for Iris and Thurston’s relationship, romantic or otherwise, to be developed further so that as a reader you feel more of a bond with him.

Overall feelings:
My overall feelings after reading this book are…

I hate that this review sounds so negative but honestly my experience of this book wasn’t great but you may be different from me. We all have different and opposing opinions so give Fire Colour One a go and see what you think! Let me know in the comments how you felt about it!

A big thank you to Netgalley for this review copy and to Harper Collins for approving my request.

Watch out for another Netgalley News pretty soon! 

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