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Week of Wisdom TBR!


The Week of Wisdom ReadAThon

This ReadAThon is running from today, Monday 22nd June until Sunday 28th June. Basically, the goal for Week of Wisdom is to read a book a day. 7 books in 7 days. OUCH! I am lucky to read one in a week but hey ho, let’s give this a go!
So, the cool thing about this ReadAThon is that each day is called something cool and each day has a different genre pinned to it. Without further ado, here is my TBR:

22nd – Mature Monday: Non-fiction/Classic/Adult Fiction

I chose this book as it’s basically non-fiction and the only book on my shelf even remotely related to the topics for this day. It was featured on my Hot Key Haul if you want to check that out!
23rd – Timeless Tuesday: Historical Fiction/Classic/Timetravel Fiction

This book is classed as Historical Fiction and also I received it to review on Netgalley so YAY! If you’re reading this on or after Thursday 25th June 2015 then here is my Netgalley News review.

24th – Whimsical Wednesday: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

I’m already on page 314 of this book so i’m hoping to get a few chapters read today. Obviously I won’t finish this juggernaut but i’ll get a good way through hopefully.

25th – Thrilling Thursday: Horror/Thriller/Mystery/Action

S                     K                          I                       P                         !

This will be my rest day for the readathon as I’m a slow reader…like a snail…seriously, it’s diabolical. This decision has absolutely nothing to do with me being a scaredy cat either…honest!

26th – Friday Feels: Contemporary/Romance

I’ve been wanting to read more from John Green for a while now since reading ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ last year. Since this is coming out as a film soon, I decided I needed to buy it and read it ASAP. So hopefully, during this ReadAThon i’ll manage to start and finish this baby!
27th – Series Saturday: Catch Up on a Series

Let me explain this one in case you’re confused. Basically, I chose these three books since I’ve already started these series’. I chose three very different books so that by the end of the week, i’ll have a variety to take my pick from depending on what I fancy on the day.
28th – Sunday Funday: Random Book

As for the last day, I won’t be choosing yet more books because i’m going to do a bit of maths and exchange one from Saturday’s selection. This means I have variety of reading options for a lazy Sunday!

So there you have it, my TBR for this Week of Wisdom! Let me know in the comments if you’re participating and what you’re planning to read!

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