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GUEST POST: Faye Rogers!

Today is a little bit different. Today is a guest post…but not just any guest post. A Faye Rogers guest post! So, if you’re new to my blog you may not have a clue who Faye is, but if you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ll recognise the name from various blog tours i’ve been involved with…

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The lovely Faye Rogers is an online PR, a library assistant and consistently blogs about books on her lifestyle blog, A Daydreamer’s Thoughts. She also runs a youtube channel, A Daydreamer’s Ramblings where she discusses books even further. She is incredibly passionate about books and the powers that they hold and loves all of her jobs. She has exceptional organisational skills, is well connected, and is dedicated to working her hardest. She lives in London, loves to be active, and enjoys getting addicted to shows on Netflix.

Low and behold, here is her wonderfully inspiring post:

My Passion For Books and Publicity

 From a young age, I have loved everything about books. I remember loving a certain few books very fondly and reading them over and over again. It started when I was very young with picture books but continued until I started reading on my own and got ten times worse once I discovered the Harry Potter series, the Ally’s World series, Kevin Brooks and Malorie Blackman. These books and authors changed my life. They helped me find my place and find my escape and I owe so much to the authors for writing these incredible books that touched me in so many ways.

It wasn’t long, unfortunately, before books started to take a back seat in my life because education took a step forward. I needed to study long and hard to keep my grades up and when I was learning, I felt alive. It reminded me of some of my favourite characters in books but I also just had a yearning to learn more and to hone in my skills. While I never stopped reading completely, I definitely read less books than I ever had before, probably only managing one or two books a year.

Then I took a leap. I started book blogging and I put books back into the forefront of my mind. Within months I was reading ten books a month and sharing my love of books on my blog. From reviews to top tens to just general discussions, my blog became an incredibly large part of my life. Instead of just bringing books back into my life, it allowed me to find people who love books as much as I did and it make it easier for me to find out about great books that I never would have heard of before.

As the years passed, I realised that I loved promoting books. I know that this is not what book bloggers are essentially here for but I also know that this is essentially what they do. I loved being able to talk about my favourite books and help get others to read them too. I loved hearing about new books and piling up my TBR. So, when the opportunity arose, I took the plunge and decided to do an internship for an online publishing company in their publicity team.

I was only at the job for a few months but I loved every minute of it. I loved the organisation. I loved contacting other bloggers. But more importantly, I loved that I was able to help debut authors become noticed in the world, to help make their dreams come true by getting their books into the hands of readers. I loved that behind it all there was the chance that I could change somebody’s life by putting the right book in their hands.

Thus I started my own work as an online PR. I now help authors release their books, both old and new, into the world. I help their books become more noticeable by people who would otherwise never hear of their work. And I love every minute of it. I have worked with some amazing authors who I would even go so far as to say have become my friends. I am always incredibly honoured when I’m given the opportunity to help authors and I am very much looking forward to seeing where I’ll go with this work. 

I truly want to give up my day job and follow my dream after this guest post. Thank you so much Faye and don’t forget everyone, Faye’s details are below.

You can connect with Faye on her twitter, instagram or facebook page.
She also has a business website, a business twitter and a business facebook page.  


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