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#TBRTakedown & #AYearAThon Wrap-up!

What a week! I set myself a small TBR with hopes of finishing at least 1 and a half books. Here was my TBR if you missed it earlier in the week:

And here was how I did each day…

Today I started Foulsham by Edward Carey, which is the second book in the Iremonger series. Its a great read and very quick! I managed 63 pages today and hope to finish it tomorrow!

I read 60 pages today, so looks like my hopes to finish it today fizzled out! I think this may take a little longer than expected, so hopefully on Thursday I’ll finish this book. 

This book is really unusual but it is interesting and unique too! I managed 58 pages today, in between work, college and exercise so I’m pretty proud of myself.

61 pages read today. Looks like it’s gonna be a sprint to the end.

26 pages today…the pub was calling me tonight!

58 pages. Finally finished Foulsham and it has left me NEEDING the final in the trilogy. Hurry please Edward. I began reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and got 19 pages in today so it will be a mad rush to finish it tomorrow!

So today is a lazy day for me, hopefully I can get a good way through or finish To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
I managed to read 220 pages today and really pushed myself till the finish. Unfortunately, I needed to sleep at 11pm in order to get up for work. Oh how I hate Monday mornings!

So, to wrap-up I finished one 325 page book and got 239 pages into the next one. I’m pretty proud of myself as this is way more than my average week! WOO GO ME!

Let me know down below, how you did? Will you join in next time? Did you enjoy? 

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