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TUESDAY TALKS: What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

So today i’m bringing you a…

This is set up by the wonderful Janie over at Bookworms Buddy, and Janelle at MrsJRodsReads. This really fun-to-do segment is basically, as the name implies, a talk each tuesday about a book-related topic.

And this week’s topic is:

What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

I have quite a few and they are petty silly things but pet peeves nonetheless.

Numero Uno:

People who write in their perfectly clean, pristine books. No, JUST NO. I understand in college when studying a book fair enough but I couldn’t even bring myself to do it then! Time and effort has been put into a book to make it look and read beautifully so don’t deface it. I mean, at the end of the day, if it’s your book do whatever you want to it but just don’t show me!!!

Numero Dos:

People who bend the cover right back. My boyfriend is such a bad culprit for this! Again, like I said above if it’s your own book hey ho, do what you like. I just can’t bear it when people bend books back, like what are you doing?! Exercise books fine, just fine, reading books, oh hell no!

Numero Tres:

Dog-earing. If you don’t know what this term means, don’t worry, it isn’t some kind of sexual act you’ve never heard of. It’s actually when people fold down the corner of the page as a bookmark. Again, everyone to their own but what the hell?! NO NO NO NO! You get the silly marks on the edge of the page and then every time you stop in the book there is a mark there!

And I think my rant is over for now but surely there will be more in the future. If so, I shall update you all! Happy Tuesday, Laterssss….

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